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Luis 'Wicho' Brizuela

Luis “Wicho” Brizuela Growing up in the “Pico Neighborhood” in the city of Santa Monica, Luis “ Wicho” Brizuela has been inspired by his family, Chicano culture, and Neighborhood life. “El Technological Knockout” was inspired by memories of the Olympic Auditorium Thursday night fights. A self-taught artist, Wicho attended Santa Monica College. He received his bachelor’s degree in His-Story from UCLA and has been teaching at John Muir Elementary in Santa Monica for 20 years. Many of Wicho’s pieces are inspired by the legendary Jose Guadalupe Posada’s satirical, social and political woodcut prints, and the groundbreaking Teen Angels Magazines barrio life art.

The series, “Corrido De Los Robots” was inspired by what I have observed to be the constant transformation of humans into robot like figurines. We have become so overly stimulated and too dependent on technology that it has begun to erase the most important human elements in all of us, the ability to think independently and human emotions.   

“No Chinges “ shows the Earth on the brink of destruction. “ “Zombie Desmadre” is left to interpretation of what’s happening to our society today. Although the case in many of these drawings, I wanted to depict some of the robots still holding on to some of those important human aspects like “ LOVE “ as you see in the “Amor Eterno-logico” and “Singing Love Ballads” “Chicano Power Ro-bato” is trying to hold on to that fighting spirit of the Chicano Movement but at the same time has this battle within himself against technological invasion.

“El Outlaw” pays tribute to the likes of Joaquin Murrieta and Tiburcio Vasquez. Those legendary Mexican Robin Hoods who gave the people hope and a sense of pride against the oppressive monsters of society. Which is what we desperately need today. True leaders that can inspire us all to get back to that simple concept of being humans that love one another.