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Louis Gonzalez - Signed Giclee Prints

Louis Gonzalez is a native of Houston, TX.  His artwork is heavily influenced by his community of ‘Northside’ and the blending of his life experience, as a Mexican American in the U.S. 

Losing his mother at an early age…Louis found himself searching for answers to life and death, while simultaneously struggling to emerge from the emptiness that he was experiencing, from his mother’s passing. 

In his search to regain peace/tranquility in his life, he discovered ‘Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead’. Long celebrated by his family, he never really understood the importance and meaning of DOD. 

“I found beauty in the bright colors and imagery used to celebrate the lives of family and friends that had passed before us. I soon began to notice that my work began a transformation, that reflected in my what I celebrating”.

Through his journey to heal from the pain that he was experiencing….his art, was finally the expression/outlet that would lead him out of his depression.

 “Now I paint in the memory of those that I have and will always love”.