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Lauretta Lowell

Lauretta Lowell is an award winning mixed media/assemblage artist from La Quinta, CA who sells her artwork in fine art festivals and art galleries. Her whimsical assemblages are in art collections in many countries. Articles on her work, and her journey to becoming an artist, have been published in several major magazines  

She is from Santa Barbara but moved to California’s desert nine years ago. You can find her working hard, creating and teaching, in her art studio in La Quinta.  The whole is much greater than the sum of the parts in Lauretta's world.  But the parts come from so many places and memories, each holds its own. 

"My art isn't planned in advance; I just let it happen. The story just seems to write itself when I wander around my workshop picking up this and that, combining treasures to see if they talk to me, or spark some sort of electrical current through my veins. Using found vintage objects; I hope to offer you an interesting and fulfilling moment that captures your curiosity and makes you smile.”