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13th Anniversary Group Exhibition

For our 13th Anniversary Exhibition, we invited many of the artists who we have consistently worked with over the years. We're also including work from several artists that recently exhibited with us...who are building their careers on, and emerging from, social media. 

Exhibition: July 1st - 31st

Resident Artists: Yolanda Gonzalez, CiCi Segura Gonzalez, Juan Solis, Rick Ortega, Julie Zarate

Invited Artists:  Margaret Garcia, Linda Vallejo, Robert Palacios, Esau Andrade, Otto 'Tito' Sturcke, Christina Ramos, Eugene Rodriguez, German Rubio, Gonzalo Algarate, Anna Alvarado, Francisco Alvarado, Nuria Benitez, Luis 'Wicho' Brizuela, Art Carrillo, Jamie Chavez, Emilia Cruz, David Flury, Louis Gonzalez, Bonnie Lambert, Mj Lindo, Lauretta Lowell, Ernie Lucero, Antonio Pelayo, Nikki Garcia Poling, Barbara Rivera, Sheila Rodriguez, Carmen Sonnes, Benjamin Thomas, Luis Tinoco, Paul Torres, Laura Vasquez Rodriguez, Salvador Correa

NOTE:  We're currently adding artwork to the shopping cart, all the artwork in the Anniversary Exhibition is being added as the images become available.